Suriname: Mangre advocates unification and unity in the trade union movement

On her 45th birthday, VHP parliamentarian Reshma Mangre is calling for unification and unity in the trade union movement. It had her birthday yesterday and has been associated with the trade union movement for twenty years. During a scheduled press conference she announced that politics played and divided the trade union movement. According to her, it is more than time that people now start bundling and look at what the goals for the future are, so that they can be realized together in the interest of the country.

Mangre is chairman of the Association of Teachers (BvL) and Alliance for Teachers in Suriname (ALS). President Chan Santokhi attended the press conference along with the Speaker of Parliament, the Chairman of C-47 and the Chairman of the VHP. Santokhi indicated that Mangre has a lot of life experience, trade union experience, society knowledge, employee knowledge and insights.

According to the head of state, it is commendable that Mangre started as a shop steward at the age of 25. “She was already prepared to fight for the education field and the employees,” said the president. He said that as a political fighter he met Mangre on the field as a union fighter. Both have fought against the mismanagement of the previous government, he noted.


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