Suriname: Man hurls from vehicle in road accident

On Friday evening, January 1, the police of the Munder Bureau received a report from the Command Center that a traffic accident had occurred on the Ring Road, in which a man had been thrown from his vehicle. The officers headed there for investigation and found a male on the road.

According to the preliminary investigation, it appeared that the 24-year-old car driver DR drove on the right lane of the Ringweg-Zuid in the evening of January 1. He came from the direction of the Charlesburgweg going in the direction of the Guaranistraat. At the height of a shop the man got off the road and ended up on the right side of the road.

On that occasion, DR remarked that there was a lot of sharp sand in front of it and moved to the left. He lost control of his vehicle and ran into an EBS mast standing on the left side of the road. The mast broke in two as a result. At that moment the car driver DR swung out of the vehicle and ended up on the road surface. The car came to a stop a little further. The material damage to the vehicle is considerable. DR was under the influence of alcohol.


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