Jamaica: Digital birth certificates infrastructure 90 per cent complete

The implementation of infrastructure that will facilitate the production of digital birth certificates for Jamaicans is now 90 per cent complete.

This was disclosed by programme director for the National Identification System (NIDS), Warren Vernon, who said the National Public Key Infrastructure (NPKI) project is expected to be completed by March, following the conclusion of certain processes.

“There are some public registration that we need to do. We have to certify it, we have to get those NPKI auditors in and there is a process to go through,” he said.

Vernon was responding to questions posed by member of the Joint Select Committee of Parliament on NIDS legislation, Julian Robinson, during its meeting on Tuesday.

He informed that with the NPKI in place, it is also expected that by March “we’ll also be in a position to launch phase one of the project, which is to allow the public to go online, request a copy of your birth certificate, a digital copy which you take anywhere in the world, and they can verify it [and] tie it back to the security framework for the NPKI”.

The NPKI is part of the non-NIDS aspect of the Government’s impending NIDS Programme, which seeks to create a unique, reliable and secure way of verifying an individual’s identity.


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