Suriname: President Santokhi emphasizes MI Glis modernization and automation

The MI Glis is due for change. The program of modernization and automation will need to be accelerated, according to President Chan Santokhi. Yesterday, the head of state sworn in and appointed Glenda Heikerk and Ganeshkoemar Kandhai as directors and mortgage custodian at the Management Institute for Land Registration and Land Information System respectively.

According to the head of state, automation means that citizens are served better, faster and easier, while at the same time reducing the possibility of corrupting acts. Especially the speed must be improved, he says. The head of state calls the functions of director and custodian extremely important functions within the legal system. He is confident that Heikerk and Kandhai will perform these functions with expertise and integrity.

“The government and society are counting on you. Society is fed up with all land abuses and they will have to change. You are hereby responsible for doing this as soon as possible, ”the head of government told the two officials. He emphasized that good governance and supervision at MI Glis will contribute to that change. The director and the custodian will have to play a pioneering role in this.


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