Guyana: Cop under fire over kicking of suspect in head

Following the widespread circulation of a video showing Police Officers violently restraining a member of the public, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) is claiming that the police actions including violently kicking the citizen to the head were acts of self-defence.

A statement released by the police said that on Sunday afternoon ranks of a mobile police patrol responded to a report of robbery with aggravation committed on a man in the Stabroek Market area.

The ranks arrested a male suspect and placed him in the police vehicle, during which time he became aggressive and attacked the ranks who were forced to defend themselves.

This led to a physical confrontation between the suspect and the police, part of which has been circulating on social media.  The police added that the suspect was eventually subdued and taken to the Brickdam Police Station where he was identified by the victim as being one of the men who had robbed him of a Samsung smartphone and $25,000. The video of the confrontation shows the suspect lashing out at a rank who is holding him by the shirt. He connects with the right arm of the rank detaining him and attempts to escape custody before being detained by three ranks and kicked several times about the head by one rank while being restrained by two others.


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