Suriname: Historic Waterkant gets a new design

After months of preparation and discussions with various stakeholders, the contract has been signed to design a new and modern face of our historic Waterkant. The contract for this new design of the Waterkant has been signed with ILACO NV in association with IBT Engineering Consultants and Royal Haskoning DHV, Consultants and engineering company.

This initiative is part of an IDB loan and falls under the Paramaribo Urban Rehabilitation Program (PURP). This loan is supervised by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and is represented by the Culture Directorate. This project was signed in 2017.

Since then, activities have been carried out in the city center, in particular:
– the reconstruction of the parliament buildings;
– tenders for the renovation of selected government buildings;
– preparing activities to further beautify parts of the city center, including the ordering of the traffic situation;
– preparing studies for decorating the Waterkant.

De Waterkant is one of the most important public places in the historic center of Paramaribo, which is also classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The redesign of the Waterkant offers Suriname the opportunity to make better use of public activities for culture and education. In the design, attention will also be paid to the challenges related to the interaction between water and land and the view from the Suriname River on our unique colonial buildings.


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