Suriname: Customer who has no money inflicts stab injuries to taxi driver

P. Ch. (33) sustained stab injuries during a stabbing at Anton Dragtenweg on Thursday 31 December. The police of the Geyersvlijt office received a report on December 31 at around 9.55 pm that a victim with stab wounds was located at Anton Dragtenweg at building number 223.

When the police arrived, the victim P. was found bathing in his blood. Preliminary research has shown that P. Ch. taxi driver is at a well known taxi company. On the aforementioned day, he drove customer SR to the Clevia area.

At the Anton Dragtenweg the taxi driver suddenly felt a blow to his neck and asked the customer SR what was wrong. He was again attacked by the customer, causing him to get out of his car. With a small sharp object he had with him, P. Ch tried to defend himself, but the customer kept coming towards him.

To avoid worse, the taxi driver shouted for help. Several employees from an office not far away came to his aid. The suspect S. took to the fast track, chased by the employees of the office. After scouring the area, S. was found by the employees in a gutter.


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