Dominican Republic: The Government strengthens its social assistance programs

President Luis Abinader Corona announced yesterday the extension of the social program Stay at Home until April of this year and the transformation of the Comer es Primero, Por Supérate program, by spearheading the launch of a new package of government measures to guarantee food security of citizens and support the most vulnerable households in their speedy recovery.

Starting in May 2021, the “Comer es Primero” (Eating is First) program will be transformed into “Supérate,” (Improve yourself) which will reach one million households that will receive RD $ 1,650 per month and comprehensive support with training and training so that beneficiaries can access education and employment. The president said that it is one more initiative that joins the government’s central axis in its firm effort to create quality jobs for the people. Abinader highlighted the urgent need to continue accompanying the population in the recovery process and the government’s preponderant social action in the face of the consequences of Covid-19, which will extend beyond eliminating the virus.

“The Government will not neglect those households that continue to be affected by the pandemic. We will continue accompanying them and betting on a more inclusive social policy as a guarantee of citizens’ rights and for the generation of jobs as the most sustainable way for the social protection of households,” he said.


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