Suriname: Civil servants are allowed to retire from the age of 55

Civil servants who are 55 years old and have completed 23 years of service may soon be eligible for early retirement. They do not have to work until the age of 60. Civil servants normally retire at the age of 60. Civil servants who have already had 23 years of service and are retiring early need not fear that they will miss their 35 years of service. They are also eligible for seventy to eighty percent of the salary.

“We ensure that the person who retires receives the highest possible periodic rate,” says Minister Bronto Somohardjo in conversation with Suriname Herald. The minister indicates that the last exercise took place in 2016. “The civil service is too big and needs to be slimmed down. There is surplus personnel and there are also people who are not even needed, ”says the minister.

A report will be presented to President Chan Santokhi at the end of this month. The head of state, together with Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk, will look further into what is useful and decide what should be done. It is certain that early retirement is being worked on this year, assures the Biza CEO. In addition, it will also look at the redundancy of some of the civil servants.


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