Jamaica: FINALLY – Ja Agrees To MOU Terms With US On Tackling Gun, Drug Smuggling At Ports, Tapia Says

It took more than four years, but Jamaica has finally signed off on a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the United States (US) that seeks to stamp out corruption at the ports, which has, for decades, facilitated the inflows of guns, drugs and other illicit items.

Outgoing US Ambassador to Jamaica Donald Tapia, who made the disclosure, also suggested that the Andrew Holness administration had concerns about the proposed arrangements in the MOU, or CMAA agreement, for the gathering and sharing of intercepted communication.

“It was more so on the Jamaican side of how the information was being gathered,” Tapia told The Gleaner last week.

“One of the things we said was that we will give you all the information … any information that we have would be transparent and would be forwarded to the Jamaican Government, either through the court authority, the JCF (Jamaica Constabulary Force) or the JDF (Jamaica Defence Force),” he added, making reference to the police and the army.

Despite the concerns, the American diplomat revealed that the MOU was approved by Jamaica for review by the US government.


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