IRS Get My Payment: When will it show the status of second stimulus checks?

Millions of eager taxpayers were waiting on Monday for the relaunch of the “Get My Payment” tool from the Internal Revenue Service, the bureau of the U.S. Treasury Department that is delivering the latest round of stimulus checks for coronavirus relief.

In an update last week, the IRS said the tool, which lets recipients check the status of their checks (known as Economic Impact Payments), would relaunch “soon.” However, the tool remained inactive several days later. As of Monday morning, visitors were greeted with a message saying “Get My Payment is temporarily offline.”

We reached out to the IRS for an update on when the tool is expected to relaunch. We’ll update this post when we hear back.

For taxpayers with direct deposit, checks for up to $600 for individuals and up to $1,200 for couples are expected to start appearing in bank accounts this week. Paper checks are likely to take longer due to the additional processing required.


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