Dominican Republic: CONATRA demands vaccination for its drivers during first round

Santo Domingo.– Mario Díaz, spokesman for the country’s biggest bus owners union (Conatra), demanded the Health Ministry to include its affiliates in each province in the first group that will receive the vaccine in March.

The driver leader recalled that his sector, throughout the state of emergency, has not stopped providing its service in each province and faces the contagion of the deadly virus of covid-19.

Diaz added that the transport sector is made up of more than 180 thousand drivers who provide their services in the more than 100 thousand vehicle units they own, not including motoconchistas.

“The drivers of cars, minibuses and buses, along with their direct relatives and employees, exceed 600 thousand people throughout the country,” said Díaz.

He stressed that the CONATRA subsidiaries in each municipality have the conditions and spaces that will allow, in an organized manner, to vaccinate their affiliates and their families under the supervision of the Health Ministry.


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