Bahamas: Videos show alleged officer slapping man to the ground

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Two videos purportedly showing an alleged Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) officer on Bimini slapping a man to the ground and beckoning him to come for more has once again put the organization under the spotlight.

In the footage, which is making the rounds on social media, a man wearing a white singlet, shorts and a face mask tells the alleged officer: “I don’t like man, bey.”

Before he can finish the sentence, however, the alleged officer, who appears to be in uniform, slaps him, making him stagger.

“You catch ya’ [expletive] self, come here,” says the alleged officer as the man retreats several feet away behind a parked car.

The purported officer repeatedly beckons him to return.

“One more, come here,” he says, while waving for the man to come back.

“Come [expletive] here. No, no, buddy, don’t push me. He’s coming here. Come [expletive] here.”

The 11-second clip ends at this point.

It is unclear when the footage was taken.

In the second 11-second clip, the man can be seen holding a plastic cup and pointing in the direction of the officer, who appears to be riding in a golf cart.


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