Jamaica: Righting a Wrong – Tapia Pushing to Get Fishermen Home

The four Jamaican fishermen detained by United States immigration officials despite being cleared by a Florida court of drugs charges should be home by today or tomorrow.

US Ambassador to Jamaica Donald Tapia yesterday told the Jamaica Observer that efforts are being made to get the men on a flight and have them home as soon as possible.

“Yesterday (Tuesday) I was told that they should be home within 48-hours. This morning (Wednesday), when I had the person in my office — I had questions so he was in my office at 8:15 – he had assurance that within 48 hours they should be here. So it could be tomorrow (today),” said Tapia.

“The only thing that could slow it up is getting the travel documents from the Jamaican Embassy in Washington. The reason they were placed in detention was that they… did not have permission to enter [the US],” added Tapia, who is set to end his tour of duty on January 12, 2021.


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