Dominican Republic: Expanding social health protection to migrant women

Santo Domingo [PRESS RELEASE].– The USAID’s Local Health System Sustainability Project (LHSS) LAC Activity will work with the Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Finance (MOF), and other government agencies in the Dominican Republic to increase capacity to adapt, sustainably finance, and implement a social health protection platform to provide comprehensive coverage to women migrants.

Efforts will focus on strategies and interventions to strengthen health system capacity to provide financial protection that responds and adapts to the changing needs of the population and the local context.

LHSS will work with government and other national partners to assess the needs of target vulnerable communities; co-design a process for adapting an existing social health protection mechanism; and support a phased operationalization of the modified mechanism that will be guided by a detailed roadmap that will include design of a pilot for implementation in Year 2.

The Offeror will engage closely with LHSS staff and partners, national counterparts and USAID throughout all tasks to ensure the approach is collaborative and meets the needs of all parties. Help to identify local champions within the MOH and MOF, the private sector, and civil society to support these activities and help gather momentum as we move into Year 2.


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