Remote work has a dark side. Here are 3 ways to make sure you overcome it in 2021

When the pandemic forced many knowledge workers out of the office and into their homes, many hypothesized that it wouldn’t work, at least not long-term. Some worried that productivity and collaboration would suffer. Others, company culture. So now that we’re nearly nine months into the pandemic, is remote work working?

To find out, Emplify recently surveyed 1,000 remote workers that have only been working remotely since March. And the answer? Well, it’s complicated.

It turns out that remote work has had a surprisingly positive impact on culture and work relationships. The vast majority of survey respondents reported that relationships with their managers and coworkers have either improved or stayed the same. What’s more, 50%t shared that their manager’s trust in them has increased, and only one in five believe that remote work has negatively impacted their company’s culture.

But remote work has a dark side.

A startling 67% of the employees we surveyed haven’t received a single piece of constructive feedback from their manager in the past 30 days, and nearly half (47%) reported having fewer professional development opportunities while working from home.

So it’s likely not your productivity that’s suffering; it’s your career.


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