Jamaica: Deportee Launches Home Enterprise From Shelter, Employs Peers

From a homeless shelter in Kingston, 60-year-old Devon ‘Frank’ Wade has launched a business which allows him to employ other homeless persons to design, build and furnish the homes of prospective and current homeowners.

Frank was deported from the United Kingdom (UK) three years ago and now calls the Open Arms Drop-in Centre off Windward Road in east Kingston home. Earlier this month, he officially launched Rainbow Decorating and Construction Company.

“Basically, you give me an empty house [and] you just turn the key and go to bed,” he said.

“Say, for instance, you have a bathroom to do. We would come to your house, show you a range of bathrooms, you can either design it there and then or we can make suggestions,” he said, before explaining that his company would actually contract the labourers and source the materials to design an exquisite bathroom suite in this instance.

Frank is still trying to get reacquainted with Jamaica, a country he left when he was just seven years old. Despite not having any known relatives here, having his own company going into the new year has lifted his spirits.


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