Trinidad & Tobago: Gary slams article on police killings, notes drop in murder rate

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith has taken issue with a Newsday article headlined “55 gunned down by the law in 2020”.

In a statement, the commissioner said he has noted the rightful concern related to the number of deadly police shootings this year.

Griffith assured that every such incident would be thoroughly investigated, both by the independent Police Complaints Authority as well as internally within the service.

He added: “And, if it is found that any officer has abused their authority or committed a criminal act during any of these 55 deaths, they would be disciplined or face criminal charges.”

However, he said what he found alarming is the “lack of balance” as it pertains to police officers being shot at.

Griffith claimed that the headlines always scream with emboldened fonts, on perceived injustices allegedly perpetrated by police officers, followed by miniscule coverage, if any, when police officers are shot at, almost never with a call for accountability by the criminal element.


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