St. Vincent & Grenadines: Warder gives shocking insight into conditions at prisons

A prison warder on suspension unrelated to the jailbreak this month has presented the nation’s prisons as chronically-understaffed, filthy, dilapidated places from which prisoners could escape, anytime, if they intend to.

“I will always say we have some of the best prisoners in the world. Because Veron is not the only prisoner who could escape — [from] both [the] Kingstown and Belle Isle [prisons],” Kenson King said, on Dec. 20, on Facebook Live, in a video captioned “The Rant. Controlled Chaos — Prison Chronicles.”

“Any prisoner who choose they want to escape can escape. You want to know why? We have a gross shortage of staff in prison for years,” he said, adding that the Ministry of National Security is aware of the situation.

King said that since 2018, he, as then grievance officer of the Public Service Union, along with union leader Elroy Boucher, the then general secretary Bailey as well as then Superintendent of Prison, Brenton Charles met with then Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security Godfred Pompey to discuss “issues that were and are still plaguing the jail”.


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