Jamaica: Another Child Mauled – Mother Frustrated With Attitude Of Police And Cousin Who Owns Dog

Tuesday, December 22, 2020, was supposed to be an ordinary clean-up day for Milton Bonner and his grandchildren at their home in Mannings Hill district, St Andrew, but instead, they experienced a frightening and horrific event. His five-year-old grandson, Carson Lattibeaudiere, was attacked and badly bitten by a dog belonging to a relative.

During the scary scene, which unfolded around noon, Bonner held on to the dog after it had attacked Lattibeaudiere, and as a result, was himself bitten three inches deep, on one of his legs. The dog then continued its pursuit of the boy, who tried to escape.

By the time the boy’s grandmother emerged from the house after preparing lunch, ignorant of what was happening, she, too, was suddenly plunged into the battle to save Lattibeaudiere’s life.

The five-year-old was bitten in the head, neck, back, arms and leg, and is currently at the Bustamante Hospital for Children undergoing treatment.


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