Trinidad & Tobago: Gary hails ‘hero’ cops

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has boasted that while the Covid-19 pandemic caused crime to spike in various countries around the world, there was a 25 per cent decrease in Trinidad and Tobago.

In his Christmas message, Griffith praised police officers for protecting citizens as he noted the murder toll is lower compared to 2019.

“It has been reported around the world that the Covid-19 virus increased crime in various countries, but I stand proudly here to say that this was not the case in Trinidad and Tobago. There has been an average 25 per cent reduction in crime and about 133 murders less than in 2019. This reduction has come about because of the great work you (the police) did during these challenging times,” said Griffith.

The murder toll stood at 383 up to last night while the toll on this date last year was 517.

The Commissioner commended officers as he outlined some of the challenges they faced, including being belittled and blamed.


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