Suriname: Man fell overboard and probably drowned

The stranger Hayword Eyune, who also lived on a boat as a fisherman, fell into the Suriname River in the late evening of December 22 and disappeared into the depths. The boat was moored at the jetty, on Sir Winston Churchillweg near building number 509.

At 10:17 PM, the police of the Houttuin bureau received a report from the Command Center that a fisherman had fallen overboard and disappeared into the depths. According to the preliminary investigation, camera images show that Eyune, who worked at the fishing company Ocean Delight, was probably under the influence of alcohol and walked over to the boat.

At one point he leaned forward on the jetty and on that occasion lost his balance, causing him to fall into the water. The fisherman has not yet arrived. The search is continuing, the Public Relations department of the police reports.


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