Suriname: BOG personnel also want SRD 750 COVID grant

The personnel of the Bureau of Public Health (BOG) also wants to be eligible for the COVID grant of SRD 750. The BOG personnel association wrote to Minister Amar Ramadhin of Public Health about this in a letter. Staff raised a number of issues that need to be addressed at a meeting on December 18.

The BOG staff indicate that the COVID grant is SRD 750 and a COVID-19 grant of SRD 750 will be paid to the healthcare sector in December. The BOG staff is of the opinion that the COVID-19 allowance should be paid to all healthcare institutions responsible for the COVID-19 event. This means that BOG staff must also be eligible for the allowance.

The staff members require that they also qualify for the COVID-19 grant as they also come into contact with the spread of COVID-19, but also against the background that BOG is a protocol-based important healthcare institution in terms of pandemic cases.

With regard to the decisions of new employees, there are a number of staff members working at the BOG whose decisions are not yet in order. Attention is being drawn to this from the Minister of Health. The staff indicate that their decisions regarding clothing allowance and overtime have been delayed at the Ministry. They feel that they are sent from pillar to post when they try to find out how far their pieces are.


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