Jamaica: SLAPPED – Mayor sounds warning as errant developer gets stiff fine, building facing demolition for breaches

Chinese businessman Haman Huang was yesterday fined approximately $4.6 million for breaches of the Building Act regarding a four-storey building in Highgate, St Mary, on which he will have to carry out significant demolition work if it is to be approved by the authorities.

The decision was handed down in the St Mary Parish Court yesterday in what Port Maria Mayor Richard Creary has described as a “landmark ruling”.

The St Mary Municipal Corporation had previously served several stop order notices on the businessman in the initial stages when the breaches were first identified, but construction work still progressed on the structure.

“Had he obeyed from when it was just a single storey, he would not have paid the $4.6 million and he probably would not be in a position now, where to have it approved, … significant demolition [will have] to take place … ,” said Creary, who chairs the St Mary Municipal Corporation.

He credits the successful court action to the new Building Act passed in 2018 and which took effect last year.

“Today this is a landmark decision and I’m happy for this new Building Act,” the mayor said, warning other errant developers that they will be collared for breaches.


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