Dominican Republic: Tonight’s dinner is around RD$6,000 (USD $103) for an average family in the Dominican Republic

The prices of the Christmas gummies made three women in the supermarket aisle laugh as they bought the ingredients for the Christmas dinner. One of them took the cheapest one and said “this is the one you will eat at home.”

This Wednesday the lines were incessant and even to enter the supermarket parking lot you had to queue up. The aisles and checkout counters were full of women and men with their carts loaded with the basics for the traditional Christmas Eve.

Aluminum trays, lasagna boxes, raw and baked chickens, fabric, turkey, pork, sweets, potatoes, carrots, eggs, apples, grapes, almonds (coquitos), cans of pigeon peas, corn, mayonnaise, and ingredients to season the different dishes were on the shopping carts.

The murmur and complaints were frequent among the shoppers because of the prices. A pound of ground meat at RD$156.95, the frozen turkey at RD$129.00, a pound of fresh pigeon peas at RD$138.95, baked chicken at 310.00, baked pork at RD$360.00, and baked turkey at RD$330.

On average, the traditional Christmas dinner for a family of five is around RD$6,000 (USD $103), including the following menu: two baked chickens (RD$700.00), three pounds of baked pork (900.00), a pot of pigeon peas (RD$300.00), lasagna (RD$600.00), a ripe banana cake (RD$600.00), six-leaf cakes (RD$750.00) and candies RD$600.00.

Also included on the menu are a green salad RD$200.00, a mixed salad RD$300.00, a loom RD$79.95, two double liters of soft drink RD$120.00, two La Fuerza red wines RD$309.00, a Crema de Oro punch (egg nog) RD$314.00 and Brugal rum RD$350.00.


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