Bahamas: Latitudes patrons wrongfully ticketed; COP intervenes

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Dozens of diners at Latitudes restaurant were wrongly ticketed on Wednesday night before Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle intervened to resolve the matter, according to a statement issued by the restaurant today.

In the statement, the restaurant’s owners thanked Rolle for clearing up what they termed a “misunderstanding” over the government’s emergency powers orders.

“The ownership of Latitudes restaurant at the Harbour Club Hotel and Marina, expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle after he intervened to stop the ticketing of their guests by police officers last night,” the statement read.

“Dozens of patrons were initially issued $300 tickets by police officers assigned to the COVID task force before Latitudes’ attorney, Wayne Munroe, who was also present at the establishment, reached out to the commissioner.

“Mr Munroe said the event was a misunderstanding of the emergency orders on the officers’ part, and even though his clients would have lost business due to this error, Latitudes has determined not to seek any legal action.”


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