Suriname: New police officers remain in action

The Surinamese Police Association (SPB) is not satisfied with the way in which the government has dealt with the swearing-in of the recruits as aspiring police officers. Furthermore, the union has difficulty with the fact that three recruits have been left out. “We have an agreement with the state to swear in, arm and clothe 167 recruits and that didn’t happen. We will remain under consideration until these matters are resolved, ”said Secretary Milando Atompai.

“We don’t know what’s going on, but the government is talking about criminal records of these recruits. If it is felt that the recruits have come into contact with the police, they should send their sentences, but that is so difficult itself. We want to know why the recruits were not sworn in, ”says the unionist.

According to Atompai, Minister Kenneth Amoksi of Justice and Police also came into contact with the police in 2010 and still became a minister. “Then why should the recruits not become police officers?” he wonders. He believes that the government makes defenseless citizens breadless. “We are not going to allow this. From the first day we ask for the documents. If someone has a criminal record, send it and share the information with the community, ”said Atompai.

SPB spokesperson Revelino Eijk explains that the recruitment of the recruits took place in 2016, with a training agreement signed. He wonders why the state did not test the information the recruits then submitted to know whether any lies had been told. According to Eijk, when registering, the person is immediately asked whether the person has come into contact with the police. The recruits have successfully completed the training and are then opposed at the swearing-in.


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