Haiti: Three dead from carbon monoxide incident at hotel, four treated

Carbon monoxide appears to have caused the deaths of three people inside Hotel Niche in Port-au-Prince last weekend, officials said. 

Four others who were left unconscious have recovered after receiving treatment at Citymed Sage Hospital, said Dr. Charles Patrique Almazor, the hospital’s co-executive director. 

Initially, three people were reported dead from a mysterious fainting cause, according to Juno7, leaving many puzzled. After CityMed staff members investigated the scene, they concluded that carbon monoxide had spread from either the electricity generator inside the property or a car that was running in the garage. Hotel guests and workers then unknowingly breathed in the poisonous, odorless gas.

Dr. Almazor advised residents not to stay in an empty room with an electricity generator running or any other motors. He also said not to place such equipment close to a neighbor’s house, since the gas might travel into their property.


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