Suriname: PG: “Police recruitment and selection committee must be kicked”

The recruitment and selection committee of the police has to kick the chair. The commission does not suffice. “I passed this on earlier this year,” Attorney General (pg) Roy Baidjnath Panday told the media after the police academy recruits were sworn in.

“The procedure to arrive at recruitment and selection has to change. I’ve seen the questions being asked recently. These are questions that date back to the time when we were writing. It has to be revised and is no longer up to date, ”notes the pg.

Baidjnath Panday says there are some cases that have only been discovered this year and even over the weekend, while the recruitment and selection of the candidates has started since 2016. For example, last weekend, a trial was conducted with recruits who entered elementary training to see whether they gave an honest account of their past. They have indicated that they have come into contact with the police. Nevertheless, the committee admitted them to the program.

The government then said that the candidates who gave an honest answer in the selection were subsequently admitted by the committee. “Then you should not betray the trust the state has placed in you,” said the pg.

The candidates who failed are now the ones whose reliability has been tested and it has been decided, in consultation with Minister Kenneth Amoksi of Justice and Police and the police chief, to remove the candidates who did not pass the reliability test.


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