Suriname: Agents in question “Rocker Rockobin” have been retired

Two officers involved in the shooting incident in which 17-year-old Jereno Panali was hit by a police bullet and then died have been decommissioned. This information is confirmed by both the spokesperson of the Suriname Police Force (KPS) Rachelle Deekman and Kenneth Amoksi Minister of Justice and Police. Their out-of-function assessment follows after examination.

Panali, who was known as Rocker Rockobin, was hit by a police bullet a few weeks ago, through the back to his abdomen. He was standing with a few other young people on the corner of Nieuwzorg and Mattheusweg. The police called at the location after a report. Two loose shots were fired on arrival and the youth, including Rocker Rockobin, started running at the hearing of the shots.

Panali was targeted. He ran on and at one point fell down in the yard of a neighbor. Rockobin was left helpless. He got help from the neighbors. Only later was he taken to the Emergency Department by the ambulance, which was called in by other agents.


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