Trinidad & Tobago: PH driver kidnapped, robbed at gunpoint

A 25-year-old private hire (PH) Taxi driver was abducted and robbed at gunpoint. 

The victim told police that at about 4.30pm on Friday, he was plying his vehicle for hire when the suspect boarded his vehicle at Ellenore Street, Chaguanas and asked to be taken to St Mary’s Village, Freeport. 

Upon reaching the vicinity of D&D Auto World in Freeport, the suspect pointed a firearm at the victim and announced a holdup. He then demanded the victim to continue driving. 

The driver was forced to go to an area in Morvant against his will. 

There the victim was relieved of his cash, jewellery, cellular phone and even his bass box and 12-inch speakers. 

The suspect instructed the victim to kneel down on the ground. 

However, fearful for his life, the victim pushed the suspect who then fell on the ground. 

The victim then entered his vehicle and sped away. 


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