Suriname: Suriname is the place with the most oil and gas discoveries this year after Russia

The Dutch news site reports that in Suriname, except for Russia, the most oil and gas discoveries have been found this year. In recent months, almost 1.39 billion barrels of new stock has been drilled off the Surinamese coast, according to the Norwegian research agency Rystad Energy.

The oil and gas discoveries are mainly for the account of the American Apache and the French giant Total, which together run the concession area B58. After Gazprom, the companies were therefore the most successful in their exploration of new stocks this year.

In January, April and July, Apache and Total were able to add major finds to B58. Last week, Petronas and ExxonMobil announced that they had found new oil and gas deposits in neighboring B52.

Area with great potential
The new oil and gas reserves off the coast of Suriname come as no surprise. The finds were made in the so-called Guyana-Suriname Basin.

Great discoveries have previously been demonstrated off the coast of neighboring Guyana. Moreover, a lot of so-called light oil is found, which is cheaper to produce. This makes its extraction profitable even at lower oil prices.

In November, Suriname started an auction for another eight concession areas at sea. In total, 13,524 square kilometers of concession areas are available. Interested parties can bid on the blocks until April 30, 2021.


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