Suriname: First lady hands over donations to social institutions

First lady Mellisa Santokhi handed over donations to 15 institutions over the weekend. The Suriname Shen Long Company NV has made its annual Christmas donations for social institutions.

The first lady, as guest of honor of the company, was allowed to perform the gestures. In total, fifteen social organizations have been eligible for different products for the daily consumption of their clients.

The first lady says she would have liked to visit all the institutions personally, but because of COVID-19 that is not possible. “Even though there is COVID-19, it remains important not to forget our people and to share the love with them.”

She is grateful to the Suriname Shen Long Company NV for the gesture and expresses the hope that other companies will also remember the people in social institutions in their own way.

The first lady emphasizes to take into account that 2020 will be a tough and challenging year for everyone. However, she considers it important to remember citizens who have the heaviest.


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