Suriname: President meets former Tucajana Amazons

President Chan Santokhi met with members of the former guerrilla group Tucajana Amazons yesterday. There was some noise in society regarding the Tucajanas. “There were some reports that could be categorized as threats, but they are not coming from the members of the former Tucajana Amazons, that has become clear,” the head of state said.

What has also become clear is that the Tucajana Amazons no longer exist after the 1992 Peace Agreement, but are still characterized as such. It is now a foundation that is committed to promoting sustainable development. I am pleased that we as a government can work with the foundation to bring development to the target group, ”said the head of state.

Spokesman Mario Wijngaarde said that in 1992 the Tucajana Amazons ensured that an agreement was signed for national reconciliation and development. The nature of the meeting with the head of state has been to get to know the president while discussing some important points with him.

Concrete agreements have been made with the president with regard to bringing development for her native brothers and sisters in the interior. “There are different areas in the hinterland, each with their own challenges, problems and therefore solutions. We want sustainable development and we think in terms of, among other things, agricultural development, poultry and the creation of sales markets. ” The spokesperson adds that a number of cases have been presented to the head of state and a follow-up interview will be held in January.


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