Suriname: Four teenagers arrested for theft

Three juveniles have been arrested for theft of a large sum of money in euros. GC (14), JM (17), JJ (17) and ED (15) were tracked down and arrested at their home address by the Munder police on Saturday 12 December.

An injured party reported the theft of a large sum of money in euros that was allegedly taken from his home by a son of his employee on Thursday 10 December. Camera images clearly show how the 14-year-old boy made his way to the declarant’s bedroom and took the money from his wardrobe.

GC divided some of the loot among his three youthful friends. This trio was also tracked down and arrested. According to statements made by two of them, JM and JJ, they used the stolen money to buy a television, a PlayStation, two scooters, sneakers, two handguns and other personal items. JM also paid a contractor who had to do renovation work on his home.

The third youthful friend ED kept the police from knowing about the stolen money. The only intention was to trade his moped with JM, getting the scooter instead.


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