Jamaica: Nearly 318,000 visitors, US$450m from tourism in 6 months

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett has announced that Jamaica earned more than US$450 million between June 15, when the country reopened its borders to international travellers, and December 14.

Over the six-month period nearly 318,000 visitors/passengers arrived in the island.

Bartlett gave the update on the performance of the tourism sector during a ministerial statement in the House of Representatives on Tuesday. He said the figures, provided by the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) are preliminary.

“The tourism industry is still hurting, yet we’re seeing positive signs of buoyancy as we rebuild our tourism economy despite the coronavirus,” Bartlett stated.

Looking forward, the minister said “We’re optimistic that we will see a 40 per cent increase in arrivals over the winter season when compared to the preceding period of the massive downturn.

“This augurs well for the 70 per cent of tourism workers who are still off the job,” Bartlett added.


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