Jamaica: Five killed in 24 hours – Missing bike believed to be at heart of bloodletting in Effortville

A man and a woman were killed in the Long Gully section of Effortville, Clarendon, late Thursday as a murderous rampage which began on Wednesday night continued, claiming five lives and leaving three persons nursing gunshot wounds.

When The Gleaner visited the community yesterday, blood-stained streets bore testament to the previous night of horror in which six people, including a pregnant woman, were shot in three separate incidents. Three of those victims have succumbed to their injuries.

It is believed that a missing bike is at the heart of the gruesome attacks on Wednesday. It has not been confirmed whether these shooting incidents were related to last night’s.

In the first shooting, 52-year-old baker and mason Evriel Mitchell, otherwise called ‘Cootie’, of Leon Avenue in Effortville, and his neighbour, 57-year-old taxi driver Michael ‘Shutty’ Henry were killed.

According to relatives, the two men were discussing an early Thursday morning trip to Kingston when they were pounced upon by three gunmen who demanded their phones and valuables. It is reported that the men were then forced to walk to a nearby shop, where they were shot.


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