Walmart is bringing shoppable fashion to TikTok

Walmart and TikTok are partnering up to host the social media platform’s first-ever shoppable live-stream event.

On Friday, December 18, at 8 p.m., the hour-long Holiday Shop-Along Spectacular will begin on TikTok, during which creators will feature fashion items sold at Walmart—whether including them in a closet tour or strutting them down a makeshift runway. Users will be able to purchase any of the items through the app, while they’re shown on-screen or by navigating to Walmart’s TikTok page after the event.

With the partnership, TikTok is wading further into the potentially lucrative waters of e-commerce, a pool in which many media groups are already swimming. In recent years, Facebook has invested heavily in shopping capabilities on its eponymous social network as well as Instagram and WhatsApp; Google launched its own video shopping project ShopLoop; and YouTube introduced a new shoppable advertising format, which placed product links underneath videos.

Walmart, for its part, has been eyeing TikTok since the retailer joined a bid to buy the platform when it was under threat of a ban earlier this year.


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