Trinidad & Tobago: Couple robbed at gunpoint in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz police are searching for two suspects who robbed a couple at gunpoint.

The incident reportedly happened on Tuesday night at the victim’s home along Sosconusco Road, Santa Cruz.

Loop News was told that around 9pm that night, a 40-year-old taxi driver was outside his house, cleaning his taxi, when he was approached by a man unknown to him.

The man pulled out a gun and said: “Doh say nothing, ah go kill yuh.”

He was then met by a second suspect and the two forced the taxi-driver into his home, where they met a 30-year-old woman.

The suspects then forced the victims to lie on the ground before they relieved them of their cash and valuables, estimated at over $15,000.

The suspects then escaped in an unknown direction.

The scene was visited by Santa Cruz CID who interviewed several residents and certain information was obtained. The scene was also visited and processed by No. 16818 Ag/Cpl MOHESS and PC Dunbar of the NED CSI Unit, where fingerprint impressions were found to be further processed.


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