Haiti: New Grocery Store Opens In Turgeau, Creating Jobs

Le Delimart de Turgeau, businessman Reginald Boulos’s second supermarket since July 2018, opened Tuesday in Port-au-Prince.

Boulos invested 25 million gourdes, about $365,000, to open the market. He said Le Delimart de Turgeau has created more than 200 jobs at the store and another 2,000 jobs indirectly through its suppliers. Thirty-five percent of Delimart’s products are sourced locally.

“Now is the time for me to call on the private sector to redouble its efforts and to put the investment package to create more sustainable, profitable jobs in order to reduce poverty and misery,” Boulos said. 

Boulos said he plans to open another supermarket in March 2021, Le Delimart de Delmas 32. He also plans to open stores in Cap-Haitien and Croix-des-Bouquets. Source 


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