Cuba: The new rules for Americans visiting Cuba

Flying is the easy part. As of mid-December 2020, there are over a dozen flights a day between the US and Havana departing from the Florida cities of MiamiTampa, and Fort Lauderdale. Operating airlines include American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Swift Air and JetBlue.

US law states that you can only travel to Cuba on a self-qualifying ‘general license’ in one of 12 different categories. The vast majority of current visitors are Cuban Americans entering under the ‘family travel’ category. Independent travelers with no affiliations can qualify under the ‘support for the Cuban people’ category. However, bear in mind that before you travel, you’ll need to draw up a detailed itinerary of your plans. Additionally, on your return, you’ll be required to keep all your travel receipts for five years.

If it’s your first time traveling, it is highly recommended you enlist the services of a specialist US-Cuba travel agency. BothCuban Travel Services and Marazul offer comprehensive on-the-ground information and can help organize flights and accommodation. 


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