Bahamas: No support for oil drilling in Bahamian waters, says two Cabinet ministers

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Social Services Minister Frankie Campbell said yesterday that while he does not support oil drilling in Bahamian waters, he would support oil drlling on land.

Campbell was responding to questions from reporters outside Parliament when asked about his position on oil drilling in the country.

BPC is using Stena Drilling’s drillship Stena IceMAX to spud its first well Preservation #1 some 90 miles west of Andros. The ship entered Bahamian waters earlier this week.

Campbell noted that the amendments to the fisheries regulations show the government’s commitment to its natural resources.

“I’m personally concerned about anything that is likely or has the possibility of having an adverse effect on that,” he said.

“So to that end, If I were to support any drilling, it wouldn’t be in our waters.

“It would be preferably on land where it is less likely if something goes wrong to cause any catastrophic effects on our fisheries.


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