Suriname: Minister Kuldipsingh receives publication ‘Labor in figures’ 2017-2019

The publication ‘Labor in figures’ 2017-2019 has been presented to the Minister and Directorate of Labor, Employment and Youth Affairs (AW and J). The purpose of the publication is to provide reliable statistics for the benefit of the community, including policy makers, students, business organizations and other stakeholders. The presentation was delivered yesterday by the acting head of labor statistics of the ministry, Tirlotma Marhe-Kewal.

The publication includes data on registered and placed jobseekers, vacancies, foreign nationals on the Surinamese labor market, dismissal applications and reports, the number of persons certified by the Labor Mobility and Development Foundation (SAO), industrial accidents, persons registered with the Stichting Scholings Instituut voor de Vakbeweging in Suriname (SIVIS) and the number of work stoppages (strikes).

The data is also presented in graphs. This data is regularly processed by the Labor Statistics department of the Labor Market sub-directorate. This department also collects other data about the labor market.


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