Jamaica: Wheatley Leads Committee Into Portmore Parish Deliberations

Dr Andrew Wheatley, who chairs the 14-member Joint Parliamentary Committee to review the proposal for the city of Portmore to become the 15th parish, has urged committee members to ensure that the Sunshine City becomes the blueprint towards the advancement of other parishes in the country. 

Wheatley is making a comeback of sorts, having resigned as energy minister in 2018 to allow issues surrounding the management of the Energy, Science and Technology portfolio to be ventilated. 

He was picked by Prime Minister Andrew Holness to lead the committee that will pass on recommendations to Parliament for making Portmore the 15th parish of Jamaica. 

Speaking on the issue, Wheatley said there should be no mistake with granting Portmore parish status. 

 “This process really seeks to give Portmore full autonomy. If you look at the situation as it is, you have had councillors in Portmore doubling up because they are sitting in Spanish Town as well, while the councillors in Spanish Town are not allowed to sit in Portmore. 


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