Jamaica: Update | Why The FLA Returned Seized Firearm To Municipal Cop

The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) has rejected assertions that it returned a licensed weapon to a corporate area municipal officer because his lawyer had taken the entity to court.

Last week, attorney at law Hugh Wildman said the FLA had “thrown in the towel,” in the matter relating to his client.

As a result, Wildman said he would be filing a notice to discontinue the case in which he had asked the Judicial Review Court to quash the agency’s decision on the ground that it did not have the authority to seize the firearm.

In a statement today, the FLA said the firearm was returned based on a decision of its five-member board following a thorough investigation into the report against the municipal officer.

“Under the Firearms Act, the FLA is empowered to conduct investigations into alleged breaches of firearm licences, certificates and permits, and do all such other things as it considers necessary or expedient for the purpose of carrying out its functions under the Act,” said a spokesperson in the release.


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