Dominican Republic: Network of “El Abusador” permeated even military

The Public Ministry has said that the organization of “el Abudador” managed to integrate more than three billion pesos from drug trafficking into the financial system.

The network of drug trafficking and money laundering, supposedly led by César Emilio Peralta, alias César El Abusador, penetrated the military ranks in the Dominican Republic, according to the investigations of the Public Ministry.

The accusatory organ gathered information and images that establish that José Bernabé Quiterio (a) Niño, one of those implicated in this network, was guarded by unidentified military personnel.

Quiterio is the owner of several night entertainment centers, which were supposedly used as a facade for money laundering. The Public Ministry detailed that in the extractions of information of electronic devices that were seized from him, videos of Quiterio are observed in a marijuana plantation where he goes aboard a jeepeta, carrying a long weapon in the passenger seat, which was driven by a person dressed as a military man.

“Images show the collusion of organized crime permeating the military strata of the Dominican Republic. A plot that surprises and frightens the citizens, a consequence of the harmful effects of drug trafficking and money laundering,” the Public Ministry indicates.


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