Bahamas: UNDP: Bahamas rises in human development ranking — but gender inequality persists

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Bahamas continues to enjoy marginal increases in its human development ranking by the United National Development Programme (UNDP); however, the income disparity between men and women persisted in 2019.

Overall, the country has maintained its position in the very high human development category — sharing its 2019 ranking of 58 out of 189 countries and territories with Barbados, according to the UNDP’s 2020 Human Development Report released yesterday.

The Bahamas is ranked 77 out of 162 countries on the 2019 Gender Inequality Index (GII), which can be interpreted as the loss in human development due to inequality between men and women across three dimensions: reproductive health, empowerment, and economic activity.

The report lists The Bahamas’ Human Development Index (HDI) value for 2019 as 0.814 — a number that is below average for its category but above average when compared with the Latin America and Caribbean region.


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