Suriname: Suriname entertainment sector in action; why is first lady allowed to hold events?

Anyone working in the catering, tourism and entertainment sector is called on to take part in a protest campaign via social media. This action is organized by the Platform for the promotion of Entertainment, Culture and Art in Suriname (PECS). Cyrano Davis of Amba & Okasi Events has confirmed this in conversation with Suriname Herald.

The members of the platform do not want second-class treatment from the government. They are not happy that first lady Mellisa Santokhi is allowed to hold events at the Live Entertainment Center in Flamboyant Park, while their rules apply differently. They also do not understand that casinos just open and continue to earn.

The message calls on employees, entrepreneurs and artists working in these sectors to gather en masse at the TBL Parking today at 11:00 AM. The call mentions that there will be protests to find a solution or to receive compensation for the events.

The organization believes that the entertainment world should also be given the right to organize events. “It is time for us to stand up for ourselves and do something about this situation, because it cannot go on like this,” stated in the message.


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