Suriname: Campaigners want performances with protocols

“We worked for months on the protocols for outdoor events, they were then approved by the government. We have outdoor events and just one day we are told that nothing will happen anymore. This is unacceptable, ”said Cyrano Davis of Amba & Okasi Events, one of the leaders of the group who today made her voice heard on the government’s announced measures.

Due to the increasing number of positive corona cases, the government has decided not to grant a permit to organizers of outdoor events. “The protocols have been approved. Why can’t they be handled. When more infections occur, the entertainment industry is immediately turned to as if we are taking care of those cases, while the Central Market, churches, transportation industry, casino and so on, just continue to operate, ”says Davis.

Planned events and performances
During their protest in the parking lot of TBL Cinemas, the campaigning artists indicate that they also have financial obligations. “We haven’t been able to do anything for nine months. Nobody cares about us. No compensation from the government. You understand that it is not that easy for us, ”says the popular artist Dino Cantenburg better known as Damaru.


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