Haiti: Diplomatic Group Says Two Of Moïse’s Decrees Violate Human Rights

The Core Group, diplomats from various countries, labeled two of President Jovenel Moïse’s decrees as abusive and anti-democratic in a statement published Saturday. 

In one of the decrees, published on Nov. 26, the government put up a list of crimes they consider as acts of terrorism and enforced penalties for them. Putting barricades in the streets, carrying an illegal firearm were some of the crimes on the list. 

Some of the penalties for those acts were 30 to 50 years of jail time and a 2 million gourdes fine, about $30,000, to 200 billion gourdes, or about $3 billion.

The Core Group said they don’t view most of the crimes in the decrees as acts of terrorism. In the other decree, Moïse formed the National Agency of Intelligence (ANI) to securitize the country.


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